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When close to your product release, does the thought - "Is my product functionally fit for release", haunt you?

If the answer to this question is yes, you have come to the right place. We, the team at SBITS are well positioned quality experts ready to help you across a spectrum of software quality assurance aspects and work in a variety of roles.

Our agile testers collaborate and identify the risk and threat areas in your application for your peace of mind.

Security and Penetration Testing

Our security experts detect and help you eliminate the possibilities that would cause your application to be vulnerable to viruses, hackers or any data/security breaches, using the best strategies and the most appropriate tools.

Functional Testing

Our QA team ensures that your application works as per the desired functional specifications and competently meets the end-user expectations. By using specialized functional testing strategies we help you reduce the risk with reasonable cost. Our competent team ensures that the most difficult to find defects are identified - thereby saving your potentially large support/rework costs in the future.


We put your product under the lens on various platforms/devices and across various browsers. Using the most advanced tools and automation, we ensure that your product gets a full and comprehensive coverage across all the screen resolutions, browsers and operating systems.

Performance Testing

We test your application under various load patterns across the full spectrum of the application to ensure stability and scalability even under peak traffic conditions. Our primary goal is to keep the application responsive at all times. Our experts will identify the blockers that might make your application's screens slow and sluggish. In today's times, a slow application is a number one cause of customer dissatisfaction.

User - Experience testing

Even if an application performs the expected functions, it can be unattractive and inconvenient for end users if user experience is ignored. With our vast amount of experience of the various products, we test as an end user to determine the best way for your application and its elements to interact with its audience.

Test management

Test management is the heart of application testing. We use the most advanced test management tools, a clear set of roles and responsibilities and a strong process oriented approach resulting in an excellent/polished test outcome.


At the end of the every testing endeavour, we provide you with an extensive set of reports and recommendations to effectively eliminate the detected bugs/shortfalls/breaches we have identified. We are happy to contribute our efforts and ideas as an external review for you to ensure the highest quality of product through your lenses.

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Smart Sitting, Inc.

I continue to be impressed with the amount and quality of work you are doing. I wish everyone I ever worked with had your drive, vision, and intelligence!

Lauren Kay, Founder & CEO

Televated, Inc

ShujaBITS Infotech Solutions was absolutely wonderful to work with!  They completed all our projects timely and with precision.  They even suggested excellent ways to greatly improve our project outcome which we appreciated and had them implement as well.  Will definitely work with them again!.

Justin Mechan, CEO

SLG, Inc

After looking at Zoho’s list of developers, I chose to work with SBITS. It has turned out to be an excellent choice. Not only did SBITS fulfill my requirements, they were very proactive in offering some creative input, which greatly improved the functionality of my application. I’ll look forward to further collaboration with SBITS, and highly recommend them.

Doug Bennett, CEO


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